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High Yield Investment Program is a system whereby you invest a certain amount of money online with a particular company and then after a certain period of time they will give you your invested capital back and some interest daily. The HYIP work principle is very simple. You register in their system and open an account in the international electronic settlements system and invest some money into the project. The very next day as soon as the invested money starts bringing profit, the mentioned payments will go to your account.

How the profit is formed

You may be thinking where organizers of online investment programs make such big money that they can regularly pay very serious interests. You can agree with me that genuine money comes from investment and that money do not come from nothing. So the main sources of income in High Yield Income Programs are the following:

Participation in different commercial sweepstakes.
Investing into high-yield business
Trading of stock of different companies on international stock exchanges.
Import and export of scarce goods.
Investments in FOREX market.

That means, actually by accumulating money of the participants, the programs' Leaders use them as their floating assets. Then by investing in high-yield projects and actively using the off-shore status they create the profit not subject to taxation. As the result there are sums enough to support the HYIP activity and to pay charges to the investors, as well as to further expansion of the program.

When this kind of investment system was first introduce few years ago a lot of people rushed into it and the smart ones made money from it while many lost their money. Some of the HYIP are scam and some where paying before and not now. You need to know the paying ones and start investing in their programs. Go to Google and search for High income programs. Write down the names you found and then join some HYIP forum and send post requesting to know more about some of the online investment programs you found through Google search and you will start seeing post that will help you identify the paying ones. You can also look for some one who is making money from this kind of investment program and then tow his foot steps. Yes genuine money can be made from online high yield income programs.



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HYIP is High Yield Investment Program It definition approaches all investments which with return in percent more than 5-9 % a year. While a HYIP may sound enticing, many SCAM HYIPs are disguised for Ponzis schemes or outright scams. Investors not only are never paid any interest, they also never paid their original investment in the HYIP. If the returns sound too good to be true, the HYIP is likely too good to be true.