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网站新闻-News of Mountain Class

News of Mountain Class It has been one week since we started operations at Mountain Class. We are trilled with the results. Our growth has been spectacular and sustainable. We thank you all for joining our program and contributing with your investments. We would like to extend the scope of this newsletter to remind you to make sure you have added your payment info in your account. We cannot process your withdrawals without knowing your payment details. You can add your info by going to "Edit Profile". Furthermore, Neteller deposits are manual which means that you will have to transfer your funds directly to our Neteller account (neteller@mountainclass.com). You will have to login to your Neteller account and make the transaction from there. You have to click on "Money Transfer" and then follow the instructions. After making the transaction you can come to our site and enter your details on the Deposit page. For Bitcoin deposits please always allow at least 3 confirmations for your deposit to be credited in your account. All Bitcoin deposits are automated and credited after 3 confirmations (~30 minutes). Finally, please always contact us through our support page or email us at support@mountainclass.com . That is the fastest way to reach us regarding any support issues. Do not use the admin email as it is used for other purposes. Story of the week (Craig Wright). The past week was shaken by a story of the BBC and other media that the real identity of the creator of Bitcoin was finally revealed. There is a lot of doubt in the space and we decided to give you some interesting reading in regards to this. https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/seven-questions-to-make-sense-of-craig-wright-s-signature-proofs-1462307704 https://seebitcoin.com/2016/05/everything-makes-sense-if-david-kleiman-was-satoshi-nakamoto-heres-why/ Thank you for your time. We appreciate you for being a member of Mountain Class. https://www.mountainclass.com



06 May,2016




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