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This HYIP project dynamic recently

Good morning, in the HYIP investment circles, one of the most popular news this week is Pokeram (house of CARDS) failed, today this article, in addition to it, I maybe about Forexking recent news.

(1) Pokeram (house of CARDS)

We can confirm the station has been closed down, all survived for 550 days, although is the longest in the HYIP program, but also has been pretty good. Just open it looked at site and posted a news about the increasing conversion function, saying is "the rouble and dollars", "$and COINS" can exchange with each other in the background. But for an already five days not handle user withdrawal request HYIP programs, to update any news is also useless. A player said to me, this website can now open, and a day of share out bonus is also very on time, how can you determine it closed down? Because of share out bonus is the function of the website script automatically, without human intervention, it was can open the website, of course, also because the server hasn't expired, expired natural won't open, it's as simple as that. Or that sentence, just for a withdrawal has not deal with user requests HYIP programs, actually already closed, no matter what to do, it doesn't change anything.

There is no doubt that Pokeram (house of CARDS) and a lot of people lost, less than a week, maybe someone just joined collapsed, how more than five hundred days before the didn't collapse, why I just join collapse? In fact, sometimes is so it.

(2) add SoildTrustPay Forexking

Forexking added the STP 3 days in advance of the online banking, there is support of net silver PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, Payeer, bitcoins, Advcash and NixMoney.

In addition, I said in front of it, master said after the commission system to change its recommendation commission system. Indeed as expected also changed, now used to be "recommended 1-50 people, get 3% commission; recommend 51-200 people, 4%; recommended more than 200 people, 5%". Now is "enjoy the first rolled off the production investment amount 4%, 2% of the second floor, the third layer of 1.5%".

This is dynamic HYIP program, to be published today, I thank you all have been the focus of this site, I need to state again, HYIP belongs to high-risk investment network, oneself think good before investment risk, not to invest to lose money.


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