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This HYIP program update in the near future

Hello, this paragraph of time surfing the Internet is not convenient, so for a long time didn't update this HYIP program of dynamic. Today time update news site part HYIP program. Important news about other projects, there is no need to be updated, after I come out in public.

(1) Pokeram (house of CARDS) recent updates

On February 17th: website to add the "Bulgaria" version of the language; A member of the German in Pokeram invested 12000 euros

So far, Pokeram (house of CARDS) support a total of eight languages, including Chinese. As to the investment of 12000 euro, I believe that is true, because Pokeram into gold is pretty crazy, statistical COINS into the golden light years ago someone Pokeram (house of CARDS) has more than 85 a day, not other net silver into gold. It's no wonder that, at least now HYIP programs, no station advertising can transcend Pokeram (house of CARDS), should also be paid what somebody else, and now have been online for more than five hundred days.

(2) Forexking recent updates

February 17: site has added new e-currency Advcash

So far, Forexking with five kinds of online banking, including PerfectMoney, Payeer, bitcoins, Nixmoney and AdvCash.

(3) TokyoInv recent updates

February 17: site has added new e-currency Advcash

This is the main dynamic site of several projects, probably in a week, I went home, then we should try to be a article about HYIP released every two days, let everybody know more.


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