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问题的一部分是,HYIPs并不总是叫这名字的。其他人使用所以即使有人谁知道远离他们可能吸引一个不同的名称。最大的放弃HYIPs诈骗是人们被告知没有风险。这应该发送红旗在任何人的头。当涉及到投资总有风险,即使是分钟。以及这一事实风险越高的更多的钱。这就像当有人赌博,如果赌注2比1你不会赚多达50比1。少人把50 - 1的几率更少的钱支付给获奖者。但是那些做赢赢了许多,如果他们失去了他们也失去了很多。被告知你将得到所有的钱加担保比例是不可行的。不管投资者说,他们知道。



All HYIPs Are Scams
High Yield Interest Programs, or HYIP for short, are all scams. It is easy to say that objectively but sometimes hard to believe when faced with something that sounds very good. Especially in this day when people are having a harder time making ends meet, something that is listed as a guarantee return is very tempting. The old saying of if it sounds too good to be true than it probably is fits HYIPs very well.

Part of the problem is that HYIPs are not always called by this name. Others are used so even someone who knows to stay away from them might be lured in with a different name. The biggest give away that HYIPs are scams is that people are told there is no risk. This should send red flags off in anyone's head. When it comes to investing money there is always a risk, even if it's minute. As well as the fact that the higher the risk the more money that can be made. It's like when someone gambles, if the stakes are 2 to 1 you won't earn as much as if they are 50 to 1. Less people take the 50 to 1 odds and so less money has to be paid out to the winners. However those that do win win a lot and if they lose they lose a lot too. Being told that you will get all your money back plus a percentage guaranteed is not feasible. No matter what the investor says they know.

Of course it doesn't help that these scam artists have done this thousands of times before and know exactly what to say to the unsuspecting person. They will say that they have done it for so many years, or the company they work for has, or something along those lines. It may be true they have taken money from people for years, the actual payback they have not. One thing that should make a person suspicious is why would they be calling you, a stranger, to benefit from this "guaranteed" investment? They wouldn't. They would be doing it themselves over and over to become rich and maybe telling their families and close friends. No person who has found a way to make money easily, legally, quickly, is going to tell the secret to a complete stranger just to be able to use someone else's money for the return, even if they are taking a percentage of it. It comes down to using common sense to realize it's a scam.

Raiel http://bo8.info has been in the HYIP Arena for several months and has been able to create a successful income online with HYIP Investing. He has recently wrote a report entitled Riding The Ponzi http://bo8.info which outlines basic rules all HYIP Investors should know




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HYIP is High Yield Investment Program It definition approaches all investments which with return in percent more than 5-9 % a year. While a HYIP may sound enticing, many SCAM HYIPs are disguised for Ponzis schemes or outright scams. Investors not only are never paid any interest, they also never paid their original investment in the HYIP. If the returns sound too good to be true, the HYIP is likely too good to be true.