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2月3日:比特币投资以后到账时间会更快,只需要有一个确认即可;投资金额大于等于400美金的玩家,可以给站长发邮件要求开通“DIRECT WITHDRAWAL”的功能,以后一旦有分红,会直接打入你的网银账户,不用玩家登陆进自己的Primeforex账户然后去申请提现了。



This part HYIP project recently updated

You net lovers, everybody is good. The Chinese New Year is coming soon, we are all ready? Site things are not too busy recently, I arranged to have is ready. Whether foreign network now how the performance of investment projects (HYIP), let us stop to prepare for the holiday, years later and then struggle. Today, let me published about the site three HYIP recently updated content of the project, they respectively are Pokeram (house of CARDS), Primeforex and Forexking.

(1) Pokeram news recently

February 1: a player invested $30000, and record the related video, video website: https:///watch? V = BYbRQaj_03E; There is a new agent from Switzerland.

February 2: users about Pokeram video introduction: https:///watch? V = rrDoVLifRoM; There is a new agent from Estonia

February 3: is there a user recorded a video, about investment Pokeram fifth, six, seven investment agreements to video tutorial: https:///watch? V = 3 sarw9mqhe, haven't heard this agreement friend please read Pokeram investment introduction; There is a new agent from Spain

Above is the main news Pokeram recently three days, although we now can't determine when Pokeram collapse, but said it was now HYIP investment station of the first, a little too much, if you often read foreign investment sites and blogs, Pokeram you will find a lot of people are doing, whether blogs in English or Russian blog. I am writing this article, it has been online for 523 days, no matter how long can it live, this station is indeed rare.

(2) Forexking news recently

Writing Forexking investment introduction on two weeks ago, I have been said to it home page has a video is making, has not been completed. Withdrawal this morning, they found Forexking video has made to the home page, I looked at it open, how about 90 seconds, can open Youtube users can have a look at ourselves. Before email communication with the master, at the time it was it scheduled time, probably in 2 weeks or so, it's commission plan will change, I will focus on.

(3) Primeforex news recently

February 2: added new e-currency Advcash, users can through the Perfectmoney, after Payeer, bitcoins, Neteller and Advcash investment and withdrawal; EVSSL has bid down.

On February 3: currency investment after arrive time will be faster, you just need to have a confirmation. Investment amount greater than or equal to $400 player, can email to webmaster demand for "DIRECT WITHDRAWAL" function, once have share out bonus, later will directly into your online banking account, no players log into their own Primeforex account then to apply for WITHDRAWAL.

Above is Primeforex recent news, two days on the progress of it, really attentively, webmaster site update speed and costs are increasing, but I still worry about profits for it, but so are looking at players suggest jin

The forehead. Have a friend want to know about it before the article can be read click Primeforex TAB.

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