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我上面说到的另类HYIP天站,他们提供的投资计划都是类似于“150% after 1 day”或者“300% after 1 day”等等。有些新手并不知道其中的陷阱,他们投资了,但是提现时会被告知需要再次投资一笔钱,才能激活提现权限,这纯粹就是胡说,为的就是更多的圈钱。



Alert to those who profit too high day stand

You HYIP player a: good morning, HYIP day stand is a lot of people like a network of investment projects, especially those HYIP automatic withdrawal day stand, because it's back to the cycle faster, and withdrawal seconds into account, so popular. This article today, I will read about some alternative HYIP day stand.

Said they alternative, because the following the HYIP day standing there are two basic characteristics: first, the net income of every day is very high, ranging from dozens to hundreds of percentage percentage; Second, don't to deal with after withdrawal, and allow you to continue to invest to activate your withdrawal function. This situation is actually more than half a year ago I met, didn't pay too much attention. Also always been all this time to receive foreigners, basic it is similar to "so-and-so station without paying and continue to invest to activate the withdrawal rights" such a report, at that time there has been no attention. But with domestic HYIP player more and more recently, plus a netizen said yesterday also encountered this kind of situation, I think it's time to write an article to remind domestic novice.

I said to alternative HYIP days stand above, they provide investment plans are similar to "150% after 1 day" or "300% after 1 day" and so on. Some beginners are not aware of the trap, they invested, but was told withdrawal will need to invest a sum of money, can activate the withdrawal authority, this is pure nonsense, in order to more money.

So in this website, must not invest, I actually have had in the previous articles similar to remind, I think it can be formulated the "it could also be less than 5% of standing tips, net profit, net profit more than 5% of the station but the day is definitely a dump", and at present most of the HYIP day stand, net profits are below 3%, so the day HYIP project, do not have to invest the net profit too high, not to mention the increase of high-yielding day stand.

In addition, on the market has been in hours and minutes stand, that is to say the dividend is conducted according to per hour or no dividends. Standing among them, the minute without consideration, all is false, individual hours will be paid, but not the quantity, hope to some carefully in the investment.

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