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Soaringprofit investment introduction

Has selective pay

Everybody is good, the day before yesterday a HYIP site to join Hyiper "intermediate HYIP program", called Soaringprofit, currently online 47 days, provided all hours of the investment plan of share out bonus, namely will pay dividends once per hour, now let's take a look at it.

Soaringprofit offered three investment plan: first, the investment amount is us $10 - $400, 0.5% of share out bonus per hour, the dividends for 240 hours, the equivalent of investment cycle is 10 days, the final does not return the principal; First and kind, the investment amount, us $401 - $1000 per hour 1.0% of share out bonus, the bonus for 150 hours, the final does not return the principal; Third, investment amount, us $1001 - $2000 per hour 2.0% of share out bonus, the bonus for 100 hours, the final is not returned to the principal.

The above three kinds of plans do not distinguish between working days with the working days, that is to say, on Saturday, there are also dividends, support net silver PerfectMoney, Payeer and bitcoins.

Pay to the account of the withdrawal not seconds.

Recommended commission is 4%, only a generation. Does not require investment, also can get commission recommended. Recommend the commission will return in full.

This hour, there should be many people interested in, I suggest that investment amount must be good control, specific investment how much I have to say, should as far as possible in short amount as small as possible. Water out, accumulate more experience and skill is the most important, who has a dozen HYIP investment project of the player, I want to know the investment may be behind the risk, so be sure to use only spare cash investment.














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