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Primeforex一共提供六种投资计划:第一种ENTRY PLAN,投资10-200美金,每个工作日分红3%,连续分红42个工作日;第二种BASIC PLAN,投资201-500美金,每个工作日分红4%,连续分红37个工作日;第三种ADVANCE PLAN,投资501-1000美金,每个工作日分红5%,连续分红32个工作日;第四种EXPERT PLAN,投资1001-25000美金,每个工作日分红6%,连续分红27个工作日;第五种QUICK PROFIT PLAN,投资10-499美金,5天后返还110%;第六种ADCANCE PROFIT PLAN,投资500-25000美金,10天后返还140%。

以上6种投资计划的周期结束后,本金都不再返还,比如你投资了100美金到第一种ENTRY PLAN,那么每个工作日可以得到3美金分红,42个工作日后总共可以拿到126美金,连本带利都在里面了,就是这个意思。另外,工作日是指周一到周五,所以周六日没有分红。




以上就是Primeforex的基本情况,有兴趣的玩家可以小金额加入玩一玩,以后它有什么动态我会及时发布。在明天,我还会介绍一个叫做Tokyo Investment的国外投资理财项目,欢迎大家到时候关注。

A brief introduction Primeforex investment projects


Hello, thank you for your continuous attention Hyiper, concerned HYIP network project in investment and financing abroad, this article today, I want to introduce a network called Primeforex investment projects, is currently the first day online, mainly to provide medium term investment plan, the following let me roughly said the basic situation of it.

Primeforex offered six investment PLAN: the first ENTRY PLAN, investment of us $10 - $200, each weekday 3% of share out bonus, dividends 42 consecutive working days; The second BASIC PLAN, investment of $201 to $500, each weekday dividend by 4%, continuous dividend 37 days; Third ADVANCE PLAN, investment of $501 to $1000, each weekday 5% of share out bonus, share out bonus of 32 consecutive working days; Fourth EXPERT PLAN, investment of $1001 to $25000, each weekday 6% of share out bonus, share out bonus is 27 consecutive working days; The fifth kind of QUICK PROFIT PLAN, investment of us $10 - $499, 5 days later return 110%; 6 kinds of ADCANCE PROFIT PLAN, investment of $500 to $25000, 140% back in 10 days.

After the above 6 kinds of investment plans of the cycle, the principal is no longer return, such as you invested $100 to the first ENTRY PLAN, so each weekday can get $3 bonus, a total of 42 working days can get $126, even with interest in it, is this meaning. In addition, working day is Monday to Friday, so on Saturday, did not pay dividends.

Recommended commission is 5%, only has one rank.

According to Primeforex website, all cash withdrawals are processed within 48 hours to account, but must usually use so long time, the minimum withdrawal amount is us $1, no handling fee. If you have any money less than 24 hours after withdrawal, friend, can contact me by QQ (2556085081).

From Primeforex website we can see that is designed to be more professional and more beautiful, the user can through the home page at the top and bottom of the mail, telephone or Skype contact webmaster, also can through the web site at the bottom of the focus on Facebook and Twitter account, in order to trace its latest dynamic. In addition, Primeforex also has its own certificate and address, after the query is true. But I need to show that whether the company certificate or address, or telephone company, can be through the money to buy, so don't be too with these seriously, but it is now almost a little lever in foreign finance and investment project has these documents, about the importance of them can be roughly summed up: use certificates are not necessarily good, but no certificate of basic station is not good. Like a few days ago there was a Dominican, the company certificate is false, the results don't live for a few days to run, of course not rule out a few special example.

Above is the basic condition of the Primeforex. Interested players can play a small amount added to play, what it has dynamic will release in time. In tomorrow, I will introduce a called Tokyo foreign Investment financial Investment project, welcome you in time.



















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