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This HYIP program update in the near future

Everybody is good, this article, let me say about the recent dynamic site two HYIP projects, although content is not much, but for the players have invested in the two projects, I think they are very concerned, we get into the business.

(1) Bitcoin365club add Chinese language

Bitcoin365club this HYIP programs have online 24 days, provide investment plan is given priority to with middle, cycle basic it is 20 days. Yesterday evening, Bitcoin365club officially added to the site in Chinese language version, at present, the site of support in Chinese, English, Russian three languages. In Chinese version is added after the webmaster want me to write two sentences on the website announcement. But even if the master does not require, I would say, too, because my impression of this station is good, should of course update for it.

(2) Ansiavo is in the server

Ansiavo, this project is the first time I have released its news, current online 61 days, mainly provides current investment plans, the principal freeze can be removed in 5 to 10 days. , has been very stable, withdrawal has been seconds to pay. More minutes at 8 o 'clock this morning, I am in the station after the withdrawal (of course or seconds). After more than an hour after the login page displays sites are replacement server, need to spend a few hours, we are waiting for good news.

Above is the two standing in recent two days of dynamic, content is not a lot, I'll write here, have a new message to do notice.














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