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Trusty Finance投资简介


各位HYIP玩家,早上好。昨天有个提供中长期投资计划的HYIP项目加入到了Hyiper的“高级HYIP项目”中,,叫做Trusty Finance,该站目前在线98天,下面我们来看看它的详细情况。

Trusty Finance一共提供9种投资计划:第一种,投资10-200000美金,每个自然天分红3%,80天后返还本金;第二种,投资500-100000美金,每个自然天分红5%,50天后返还本金;第三种,投资5000-50000美金,5天后连本带利共返还149%;第四种,投资450-50000美金,8天后连本带利共返还239%;第五种,投资400-50000美金,12天后连本带利共返还358%;第六种,投资350-45000美金,18天后连本带利共返还540%;第七种,投资250-40000美金,25天后连本带利共返还800%;第八种,投资150-30000美金,35天后连本带利共返还1100%;第九种,投资100-25000美金,50天后连本带利共返还1600%。

Trusty Finance在中途修改过投资计划,以前是类似于“1天后返还102%”的天站投资计划,具体是什么时间修改的,就不太清楚了。以上9种投资计划,具体哪一种更合适,用户可以根据自己的投资金额和喜好决定,我也不太好判断,但最好选择那种每天都能够提取利息的,而且一定要控制好投资金额,尽量小一些。那种多少天后连本带利一起返还的计划一般在到期后都是不支付的,所以不论在哪个HYIP项目中,都尽量不要选择那类。



Trusty Finance拥有自己的英国公司证书,并且从COMODO公司购买了企业级别的EVSSL安全证书。网站模板和投资计划都是中途经过修改的,最早时不是这个样子,具体是哪天修改的,我也不是很清楚,不过看公司证书以及EVSSL证书的注册日期都是3月下旬左右的,所以我猜想应该修改模板和投资计划大概也是那个时间段吧。网站首页有一个时长3分的Youtube视频,是介绍Trusty Finance的,有VPN的朋友可以打开看一下。网站右边有一个在线聊天插件,有问题的玩家也可以在那里给站长留言。

关于Trusty Finance的情况,我目前先介绍这么多,以后如果有新的动态,再来发表,欢迎大家随时关注Hyiper。随着国内投资该类项目的玩家越来越多,我在此提醒一句,HYIP属于高风险高回报的投资游戏,任何一个站都有倒闭的时候,只是时间长短问题,所以在投资的时候一定要把资金控制在自己能够承担的风险范围之内,确保只用闲钱投资,当做一个游戏而已。

Trusty Finance investment introduction


Good morning, dear HYIP player. A HYIP programs to provide long-term investment plan yesterday joined Hyiper "senior HYIP project", and called the Trusty Finance, the site online 98 days, let's look at the details of it.

Trusty Finance offers nine total investment plan: first, the investment of us $10 - $200000, 3% of share out bonus every natural day, 80 days after the return of the principal; Second, investment of $500 to $100000, 5% of share out bonus every natural day, 50 days later returned to the principal; Third, investment of $5000 to $50000, 5 days later return 149% of the total it with interest; Fourth, investment of $450 to $50000, eight days later with the return 239% of the total; Fifth, investment of $400 to $50000, 12 days later with the return 358% of the total; 6 kinds, invested $350 to $45000, with 18 days, return 540% of the total; The seventh kind, the investment of us $250 - $40000, 25 days return 800% of the total it with interest; The eighth kind, the investment of us $150 - $30000, 35 days later return 1100% of the total it with interest; 9 kinds, invested $100 to $25000, 50 days later return 1600% of the total it with interest.

Trusty Finance modified investment plan in the middle, is similar to the "returned 102% in 1 days" before the day station investment plan, what is the specific time to modify, just don't know much about it. More than nine investment plans, specific which one is more appropriate, the user can according to their investment amount and be fond of, I also not too good judgment, but it is best to choose the sort of every day to be able to extract the interest, and be sure to control the investment amount, less as far as possible. How many days after the return plan together what is mine with interest in maturity is not to pay, so no matter in which HYIP program, try not to choose the classes.

Recommended commission only generation, is 5%, don't need to invest himself also can get the commission. Welcomed by the player I recommended links to register and the investment to come to ask for a commission, please read the rules of the commission.

Accept the net silver PerfectMoney, Payeer bitcoins and OKpay. According to the site, the user's withdrawal request will be processed within 24 hours, minimum withdrawal amount is $0.1.

Trusty Finance has its own British company certificate, and purchase the enterprise level from COMODO company EVSSL security certificate. Website templates and investment plans are modified through, the earliest is not like this, what is the exact date modified, I am not very clear, but the company certificate and EVSSL certificate of registration date is about in late march, so I guess should modify the template is presumably that time and investment plan. Home page has a 3-minute Youtube video, is to introduce Trusty Finance, have a friend VPN can open to look at. Website has an online chat plugin on the right, there is a problem where players can also leave a message to master.

About the Trusty Finance situation, I first introduce so much for the time being, later if there is a new dynamic, published, welcome everybody attention Hyiper at any time. As domestic players more and more investment in these projects, I reminded that a HYIP belongs to high-risk high-return investment game, any one station has collapsed, is only a matter of time length, so must put money in investment control in the range of to be able to bear the risk, to ensure that only cash investment, as a game.














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