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各位HYIP玩家晚上好,明天就是周日了,希望大家能度过愉快的一天。今天这篇文章中,我要说的是两个HYIP项目的动态,一个是SaliPay Limited,一个是Toocoded Invest。我们接下来看看它们的有什么新消息。

(1)SaliPay Limited分红增加了邮件提醒



(2)Toocoded Invest已经24小时不支付



This HYIP project dynamic recently

You HYIP player good night, tomorrow is Sunday, hope everybody can have a pleasant day. This article today, I want to say is two HYIP project dynamic, one is SaliPay Limited, is a Toocoded Invest. We next see if they have any new news.

(1) SaliPay Limited dividend increases the email alert

This HYIP project currently online 159 days, it Hyiper above has 76 days, this paragraph of time is normal, and there has been no news news, so almost no mention it. After yesterday found that dividend, will receive email alerts, this function is just added.

This station very few people interested in, also is normal, because its dividend than most HYIP are low, only 0.5% or so a day, dividends to 150%. To tell the truth, if not adsense ads on this site, I will not join, because of the cycle is too long, according to the daily rate of 0.5%, to 300 days to outs, and profit is only 50%.

(2) Toocoded Invest has 24 hours without paying

This HYIP site now online for 185 days. Withdrawal yesterday afternoon to now also did not arrive, according to the regulations of the site for 24 hours, have a timeout. So the station don't intend to, I have already email to webmaster, if still not receive reply before Monday, that is to run.

Well, write so much tonight, and if there is a need to commission a friend, please check this site commission rules, welcome to ask for at any time.














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