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网站支持英文和俄文,翻译插件在网站中间位置。与翻译插件挨着的,有个链接“INVESTMENT STATISTICS”,打开这个链接,可以看到最近的1000笔投资和提现交易,也可以选择只看投资数据。同时,首页有一个半分钟的Youtube视频,有VPN的可以看一下。在联系我们(CONTACTS),有Irfk的公司地址以及联系电话。网站右侧还有一个在线聊天功能,有关于Irfk不懂的问题,也可以在那里咨询。在About Us页面有公司证书,不过显示是2013年的注册日期,真假都无所谓了,从第二种投资计划就能看出来,注定活不了,每天的纯利润都10%了。


Irfk investment introduction


Hello, everyone, today this article mention HYIP programs, called Irfk, joined this site yesterday "intermediate HYIP project". Currently online 53 days, mainly to provide medium and long term investment plans, let's look at the details of it.

Irfk is offered two kinds of investment plan: first, the investment amount is us $10 - $100000, 0.5% of share out bonus every day, Monday to Sunday have share out bonus, 365 days after the return of the principal; Second, the investment amount of us $10 - $100000, 10% of share out bonus every day, Monday to Sunday have share out bonus, 20 days later returned to the principal.

Among them the second investment plan is just a week ago, and there is no doubt that must be to run way for short-term money, profit is too high, which is up to 10% every day.

According to Irfk website shows that the majority of cases, the withdrawal is 5 minutes to zhang, in very rare cases may need to 24 hours to process, I withdrawal twice before, is second to account. Withdrawal minimum withdrawal amount is $0.01.

Commission recommended a total of two levels, were 5% and 2%, respectively.

Site support for English and Russian, translate plug-in, in the middle of the site location. And translation plugin right, there is a link "INVESTMENT STATISTICS", open this link, you can see the recent 1000 INVESTMENT and withdrawal transactions, also can choose only see INVESTMENT data. At the same time, the home page has one and a half minutes Youtube video, have a VPN can have a look. In contact (CONTACTS), we have a Irfk company address and contact phone number. Web site on an online chat with questions about Irfk don't understand, can also be consulting there. In the About Us page have company certificate, but show is 2013 registered date, it doesn't matter, can see from the second kind of investment plan, destined to live, every day the net profit of 10%.

About Irfk, probably so much, you are interested in the player must remember only invest a minimum amount, and select the second investment plans, even if in the coming days to run road, also can be as much money back as possible. Final reminder, hyip belongs to high-risk high-return investment network game, please consider risk in advance, in combination with their own economic situation, to ensure that only spare cash investment.














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