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Forexgrp (FG) financial some recent updates

Forexgrp finance and (FG) is now online 35 days, according to the round of 14 days, has been successful for more than two wheels, in recent days have been busy stations and a list of things, has paid little attention to its dynamic. This morning to open the Forexgrp finance and (FG) news page looked at the site, a few days ago some of the more important updates, I say about it.

(1) website to add the Russian and the Spanish version

Although not one hundred percent sure, but can see the potential of the project, to some extent after all add multilingual functionality need to upgrade the website function and need to pay the translation. While supported languages and lovers network investment helps to attract more countries join.

(2) the investment plan of lower profits

New investment projects is this: the first kind, invested $100 to $499, each weekday dividend by 1%; Second, investment of $500 to $999, the dividend 1.3% each day; Third, investment of $1000 to $1599, each weekday dividend by 1.5%; Fourth, investment of $1600 to $2000, the dividend by 1.8% each day. In contrast, four investment plans, share out bonus, respectively is reduced about 0.2% than before.

(3) the withdrawal fee to cancel

Before upgrading, withdrawal charge a 5% commission, no handling fee now. Can be at ease withdrawal, before I almost don't withdraw, because 5% handling charge is not low.

These updates, overall I think it's good, although the daily profit decreased, but the withdrawal fee is cancelled, compared with before, the user won't loss. Of course, is good or bad, everyone has their own opinion, should be to analysis, I think Forexgrp finance and (FG) is a new network of potential investment projects, I will always pay attention to it. I believe that someone gave me this post would be tempted, but I still want to suggest that you only the minimum amount of $100, not a few thousand dollars of investment, so it is good for all network investment projects, because even if there is a potential project, they also need a process of growing up.

Immediately at the same time, the Chinese New Year is coming soon, I suggest that players don't large network capital to invest in high-risk investment projects, hands leave more liquidity have a fat years is the most true.

















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