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Marlive (Mario) has not pay

HYIPer released in the 2016-01-26 classification: project dynamic reading comments (0) (31)

Dear lover of network project in investment and financing abroad, good evening. I know a lot of people are now in the investment Marlive (Mario), also a lot of people don't want to see this title, including me, but there is no way, there is always at the end of the game.

This afternoon, some netizens through QQ told me Marlive (Mario) COINS withdrawal is no longer automatically, in fact, I know that the currency is no longer automatically, but didn't listen, so I log into account withdrawal tried Payeer, indeed as expected Payeer don't automatically. That is to say, Payeer and BTC withdrawal is not automatic, it is conceivable that PerfectMoney certainly not automatic, the only two things: either Marlive (Mario) caused by online banking account no money cannot continue to pay automatically, either station closed automatic payment and do not intend to pay. But no matter what kind of may, and now half a day passed, if Marlive (Mario) station under the condition of not going to run, should be an email notification of advertising player, but no email, website, no related news, so I think Marlive (Mario) should walk the basic can be determined, rather than the so-called web site maintenance.

Fine, Marlive survived for 77 days, according to the dividends to 160% out of round, actually is also just live round enough. From technical point of view, Marlive (Mario) is absolutely very cow, but in the life of the project and the rate of return for investors, is also a strength of common network investment project, it only live round, and I did not think of.

I can only say that in the field of high risk investment network, all of the project are game, end sooner or later, it's just a matter of time length. Want to continue looking for a new project investment, need to relax, sum up experience; If it is not suitable for you to play, that's early exit, is also a good thing, "not bet to win" this four word never makes sense.

Focuses on Hyiper, HYIP network project in investment and financing abroad, see you next article.

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