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Correct understanding of the nature of the Marlive

This time a lot of people in the domestic promotion Marilive, I can see in many private web site and blog has many about Marlive introduction, including the individual promoters Marlive as foreign exchange trading platform, I think it is a bit exaggerated.

Although I also invested Marlive, during and at the back, but I have to remind some novice, the essence of Marlive also belongs to the high risk investment project of network, commonly known as HYIP. In other words, it with a lot of people play in China some time ago Bchoard high-risk network investment projects are the same type. But from the website design and technically, Marlive is risky investment projects of network I do this for more than three years have seen the best one, no one, absolutely is the best. Marilive website said foreign exchange transactions, however, is only one of its facades, if you think that by doing foreign exchange can stabilize a day on average earn more than 1.5% of the net profit, you can find some people who know their foreign exchange to ask whether this might exist.

So don't be in it to cover up the risky nature of it, so easy to mislead some novice. As the year before in inflammation, due to some network and ground misleading, the driving forces behind the loans to invest in led to some players, finally not only didn't earn, also involved in debt.

To sum up, we at the time of investment, no matter how others, oneself must have a clear picture of risk, but also not to be confused greed eyes, because a lot of time in the prophase investment risk is known to all, but often in the case of continuous see profits, that is to say, in the case of every day to make money, the concept of risk is easy to we gradually fade, tend to be at this time we need to awake, timely recovery of profits, cautious after shot.
















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