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Bitcoin365club investment introduction

Hello, you HYIP player. This article, I'll introduce HYIP program is Bitcoin365club, the site is added to this site "intermediate HYIP project" yesterday, in the current online operation for five days, mainly provide short-term investment plan, let's look at an overview about the it.

Bitcoin365club a total of five investment plans provide: the first kind, investment of us $20 - $500, 2.1% of share out bonus every day, 20 days later returned to the principal nature; Second, investment of $501 to $2000, 2.5% of share out bonus every day, 20 days later returned to the principal nature; Third, investment of $2001 to $25000, 3.2% of share out bonus every day, 20 days later returned to the principal nature; Fourth, investment of $1001 to $25000, 20 natural days later return 180% of the total it with interest; Fifth, investment of $100 to $25000, 40 days after natural return 365% of the total it with interest

Investment plan in the above, I am especially fourth and fifth kind is not recommended, because not only high profit, and is not withdrawal before the end of the investment cycle without a penny, that is to say, if you choose this two kinds of investment plan, must want to wait until after the investment cycle can connect together with interest withdrawal, if happen to project out of the question in this period of time, or due to the investment amount is too large, webmaster is not willing to pay, it would be in trouble. As for the first three investment plans, whether it should be investment and how much, please according to their actual situation and experience to decide. And one more thing I what need reminds is, when you invest, Bitcoin365club default is 5 kinds of investment plans, so be sure to remember modified into investment plan you want.

Support the net silver PerfectMoney Payeer, bitcoins and NixMoney. Domestic players now basically is to use PerfectMoney and bitcoins, especially PerfectMoney recently with more people, because of the instability of currency value, a lot of people still don't like.

In accordance with the regulations of the site, the withdrawal requests will be resolved within 24 hours, I just withdrawal is probably spent four hours to the account.

Commission recommended a total of two generations, were 4% and 1%, respectively, do not ask I have investments. Bitcoin365club also provides another commission plan, if you are an ordinary investors, rather than list and monitoring stations, the number of active referrals as long as you keep pushing more than 50 people, or your recommendation commission accumulated enough to get the $1000, you can enjoy four generation of offline, a total of 15% of the recommended commission, is 8%, 4%, 2% and 8% respectively. But I believe that the threshold is relatively high, straight push more than 50 active referrals, not many people can do it.

Bitcoin365club own British company certificate, address, buying the company level EVSSL certificate at the same time. In addition, also support two languages English, Russian, respectively, and set up his own Facebook page, and Twitter account, the player with the VPN can login open have a look at the inside of the content. Through site metrics, this station is not bad, as to how long can live, depends on the administrator's economic strength and the late, I don't want a large amount of investment of the player, we only need a small amount of investment, this helps project survival time longer.




















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