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在Marlive的上一篇文章中,我对它进行了一些简单的介绍。想必大家也知道了它的一些情况,今天关于Marlive,我只想补充一点,那就是关于它如何设定自动提现的功能,比如你的分红到了一定金额,不需要用户登录进自己的账户申请提现,而是系统直接把分红和佣金自动转入你的网银账号。 第一步:登录进自己的账户,在首页把下面的按钮调成“on”状态。 第二步:点击左侧导航的Settings按钮,然后在接下来的页面中输入金额,并且点击“Update Values”每次达到这个额度后,系统就会自动把账转到你的网银账户。 下面我来说一下刚刚昨天介绍的Forexking这个项目,文中写到站长即将更换佣金制度,今天我给站长发邮件询问,问他新的佣金制度大概多久可以出来,站长回复是3到4个星期之内。我想这个回复应该包含两种可能,第一种可能是3到4个星期之内,站长确实会推出新的佣金制度,而他等于是把这个消息提前告诉我;第二种可能是推出佣金制度只是个幌子,让我们误以为3到4个星期之内肯定不会倒闭,因为用户琢磨“佣金制度还没出来,怎么会倒闭呢?”,所以可能会诱导有些玩家加紧时间投资,结果正中圈套,站长拿到钱后就跑路。 具体Forexking站长所说推出佣金制度是哪种可能,我不确定,所以也不做决定,留给各位去自己琢磨吧,然后等三四个星期之后,检查一下自己想的是否正确。

Marlive and Forexking

In Marlive in the previous article, I introduced some simple about it. We also know that some of its situation, about Marlive today, I just want to add that, that is how to set about it the function of automatic withdrawal, such as to a certain amount of share out bonus, you don't need the user login into your account to apply for withdrawal, but system directly to share out bonus and commission transferred to your online banking account.

Step 1: log into your account, on the front page of buttons below to "on" state.

Step 2: click on the left navigation Settings button, and then input amount in the next page, and click "Update" Values each time after reaching the limit, the system will automatically transfer accounts to your online banking account.

Forexking me introduce yesterday just below the project, writes webmaster will change the commission system, today I email to webmaster to ask, ask his new commission system probably how long can come out, reply is three to four weeks. I think the response should contain two possibilities, one is likely to be three to four weeks, webmaster do to launch a new commission system, and then the news such as he told me in advance; The second may be just a cover for the commission system was introduced, let us think won't collapse, three to four weeks for users to formulate "commission system hasn't come out, how can collapse?" Investment, so may induce some players stepping up time, results in the middle of trap, webmaster can run after get the money.

Specific Forexking adsense said is commission system was introduced which could, I'm not sure, so don't make a decision, you left to his own ideas, and then wait three or four weeks later, check your thinking is correct.
















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