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Forexking investment introduction

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Hello, everyone, today the Forexking said the foreign investment projects, I joined it is about 10 days ago, during the join is stable all the time, so also does not have to pay attention to it. Yesterday in the morning and received a mail from Forexking, to buy $150 of Banner and project in this paper, just call back the money in the afternoon. In an email, master said the recent is planning to add new recommendation commission system, the purpose of my writing this article, it is in order to complete Forexking to my work, because the $150 contains the cost of this article; 2 it is also in order to provide a reference for everyone, specific investment or don't have a Forexking full in your personal, I don't have any investment incentive factors, because I don't know adsense gourd sell what medicine, below I introduce this station is roughly first.

This station a total of eight kinds of investment plan: first, the investment of us $10 - $600, 2.1% of share out bonus every day, continuous dividend 15 natural day, Monday to Sunday have share out bonus namely; Second, investment of $8000 to $10000, 2.3% of share out bonus every day, continuous dividend 35 days nature; Third, investment of $10001 to $50000, 2.7% of share out bonus every day, share out bonus is 60 consecutive days nature; Fourth, investment of $5000 to $10000, with 40 working days return 250% of the total dollars; Fifth, investment of $3500 to $6500, 65 jobs in the future with the return 600% of the total; 6 kinds, invested $200 to $5000, 105 jobs in the future with the return 1800% of the total; The seventh kind, the investment of us $2500 - $30000, with 17 working days return 350%; The eighth kind, the investment of us $20000 - $25000, 33 return 900% of the work in the future.

In theory, I only need to introduce the first investment plan is enough, but it is not necessary to introduce after seven, because I have long don't recommend any new and old players investment after seven, but given that there may be part of the couple's first contact with similar high-risk investment projects, the stakes, don't know, so why don't you advice me investment after seven. Say first the second and third, although every day of share out bonus, but for the starting point of the investment amount is too high, most of the pattern of the station to see you in so much money, may directly take money to run, or only pay dividends you every day, but when the final return the principal is to won't let you withdraw the principal; Went on to say that the fourth to eighth, there is no doubt that this kind of circumstance unless the individual is the special big webmaster, otherwise you lost together with interest, because the fourth to eighth kind of plan, even after the end of the investment cycle back together with interest, so you don't pay, the user is also can't get a penny it with interest, I met this several ways, so we hope you can secure a bit, do not take the risk. , of course, I don't mean Forexking is the webmaster, this pattern is not big but I recommend that all players of the pattern of the webmaster want to smaller, they want to get some nasty, such to a larger extent to ensure the safety of our money, so in Forexking, for people who want to invest, I only suggest the first solution.

Forexking on web design, or good, template is quite beautiful, also have the company address, number, telephone number and his Facebook and twitter is introduced. Homepage has set aside in the middle of the video area, may be used to put Forexking video introduction later.

In terms of net silver, support PerfectMoney Payeer and bitcoins. About withdrawal time, all users withdrawal is handling within 30 hours, so may wait until the next day to pay.

Recommended for commission system, if you push straight Numbers from 1 to 50 people, so the commission reward is rolled off the production investment amount by 3%; If the number of straight push in 51-200 people, 4% commission reward is rolled off the production investment amount; If direct number is 201-400 people, 5% commission reward is rolled off the production investment amount; If the number of straight push more than 401 people, has increased to 6%.

As for adsense said in the email will launch a new commission system, if it is true, I don't want to use for a few days will come, once the new commission payment, I will continue to post introduction, welcome to continue to focus on Hyiper, concerned HYIP investment managing finances projects abroad.
















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