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Pokeram投资简介 Pokeram(纸牌屋)

这个国外投资网站是在目前已经成功在线支付516天,我是在它上线的第12天加入的,可以算是最早的一批,但是当时并没有及时去推广,只是做的静态,没想到504天过去了,它依然健在,可以说是我这三年多来做过的国外投资理财项目中存活时间最长的。 Pokeram(纸牌屋)根据用户投资金额的大小,一共分了7种投资方案,这7种方案每天的分红都是波动的,但是总体不会相差太大。第一种方案,投资金额是30-299美金,或者0.1-0.99个BTC,周期是30天,平均每天分红0.4%左右;第二种方案,投资金额是300-999美金,或者1-3.33个比特币,周期是45天,平均每天分红0.5%左右;第三种方案,投资金额1000-2999美金,或者3.34-9.99个比特币,周期是60天,每天分红大概0.6%左右;第四种方案,投资金额3000-9999美金,或者10-33.33个比特币,周期是90天,每天大概分红0.65%;第五种方案,投资金额是10000-29999美金,或者33.34-99.99个比特币,周期是120天,每天大概分红0.7%;第六种方案,投资金额是30000-49999美金,或者100-166.66个比特币,周期是150天,每天大概分红0.74%;第七种方案,投资金额最低50000美金,或者166.67个比特币,周期是180天,每天分红大约0.8%。 以上是Pokeram(纸牌屋)的全部投资方案,这些方案并不支持复利。其中,对于投资第五、六、七种方案的会员,Pokeram(纸牌屋)可以通过DHL国际快递把投资协议书快递到会员手中,然后填写完毕后把照片传送到Pokeram的客户邮箱。快递费用是由Pokeram(纸牌屋)出的,不用会员支付。当然,如果用户不向Pokeram(纸牌屋)申请签订协议也可以。 同时,为了更好的开拓市场,Pokeram(纸牌屋)也设立了诱人的推荐佣金制度:直推奖和分红奖。对于本人并无在Pokeram(纸牌屋)投资的会员,同样可以获得这两种佣金,你只需要让别人用你的推荐链接去注册并且投资即可。 如果你只是普通会员,那么直推奖是3%,分红奖是有三代,分别是5%,2%和1%;如果你是VIP,那么直推奖是5%,分红奖也是三代,分别是10%,3%和1%。普通会员如果想成为VIP,那么必须本人最低投资1000美金。 Pokeram(纸牌屋)接受的网银有很多种,分别是PerfectMoney,Payeer,Bitcoin,SolidTrustPay,Nixmoney,Qiwi,OKpay,Yandexmoney,Advancedcash和Payco。这些网银已经足够了,而事实上大部分网友都是使用前三种。 Pokeram(纸牌屋)只在工作日处理提现,即周一到周五,非工作日是不处理提现的,最低提现金额是0.1美金,或者0.001比特币。 需要注意的是,用户在Pokeram后台首次填写完网银账号后,自己就不能修改了,如果有需要修改的,可以通过邮箱给Pokeram(纸牌屋)发邮件申请修改。这是为了防止用户的Pokeram(纸牌屋)账号被盗后,被他人修改网银所造成资金损失。 在Pokeram(纸牌屋)的网站上,公布了自己的公司证书以及编号,是在伯利兹注册的;此外,网站上也有很多关于介绍Pokeram(纸牌屋)的文章介绍以及视频介绍,不过限于IP的原因,可能有的链接国内打不开,没法浏览。所以有其它问题不明白的玩家,可以给Pokeram(纸牌屋)发邮件,也可以通过QQ与我交流。 随着时间的推移,会有更多的国外理财项目在本站发布,谢谢大家一如既往的关注Hyiper,关注国外HYIP投资理财项目。

Pokeram investment introduction

Pokeram (house of CARDS) the overseas investment website was already successful online payment for 516 days, I am in its 12 days to join online, can be regarded as one of the first batch of, but there was no in a timely manner to promote, just do the static, unexpectedly over the past 504 days, it is still alive, can say is I done it for more than three years of foreign investment project in the longest survival time.

Pokeram (house of CARDS) according to the size of the user's investment amount, points total of 7 kinds of investment plan, the 7 kinds of plan of share out bonus every day are volatile, but generally will not differ too much. The first scheme, investment amount is us $30 - $299, or 0.1-0.99 BTC, cycle is 30 days, a day on average dividend by about 0.4%; The second scheme, investment amount is $300 to $999, 1-3.33 COINS, or cycle is 45 days, a day on average about 0.5% dividend; The third way, the investment amount is $1000 to $2999, or 3.34-9.99 COINS, cycle is 60 days, about 0.6% of share out bonus every day; Fourth, investment amount is $3000 to $9999, or 10-33.33 COINS, cycle is 90 days, about 0.65% of share out bonus every day; Fifth, investment amount is $10000 to $29999, or 33.34-99.99 COINS, cycle is 120 days, about 0.7% of share out bonus every day; 6 kinds of scheme, investment amount is $30000 to $49999, or 100-166.66 COINS, cycle is 150 days, about 0.74% of share out bonus every day; The 7th kind of program, the minimum investment amount of $50000 and 166.67 COINS, or cycle is 180 days, about 0.8% of share out bonus every day.

All above is Pokeram (house of CARDS) investment plan, the plan does not support the compound interest. Among them, the fifth, six, seven kinds of schemes for investment, member of Pokeram (house of CARDS) by Courier DHL international express the investment agreement to members, then fill out after the completion of the photos to Pokeram customer email. Courier fee is by Pokeram (house of CARDS), don't have to pay. Of course, if the user doesn't to Pokeram (house of CARDS) can also apply for is to be signed.

At the same time, in order to better explore the market, Pokeram (house of CARDS) also set up a tempting recommendation commission system: straight on and share out bonus awards. For himself and no Pokeram (house of CARDS) a member of the investment, also can get the two commissions, you just need to let others use your recommended links to registered and investment.

If you are just ordinary members, so straight push prize is 3%, share out bonus awards are three generations, respectively is 5%, 2% and 1%; If you are a VIP, then push straight award is 5%, three generations of share out bonus award is respectively 10%, 3% and 1%. Regular members if you want to become a VIP, so must I minimum investment of $1000.

Pokeram (house of CARDS) to accept the online banking has a lot of kinds, respectively is PerfectMoney, Payeer, bitcoins, SolidTrustPay, Nixmoney, Qiwi, OKpay, Yandexmoney, Advancedcash and Payco. The net silver is enough, but in fact most netizens are three before use.

Pokeram (house of CARDS) only on weekdays withdrawal process, namely from Monday to Friday, a day is not processing withdrawal, minimum withdrawal amount is $0.1, or 0.001 COINS.

It is important to note that the user Pokeram background for the first time after fill out the online banking accounts, they cannot be changed, if there is a need to modify, can through the mail to Pokeram email (house of CARDS) to apply for modification. This is to prevent users from Pokeram (house of CARDS) account stolen, capital loss caused by others modify net silver.

In Pokeram (house of CARDS) website, unveiled its own company certificate and serial number, is registered in Belize; In addition, there are also a lot about introducing Pokeram (house of CARDS) of the article and video, but shall be limited to the reason of the IP may have links can't open, domestic can't browse. So the player with other problems don't understand, can give Pokeram email (house of CARDS), also can communicate with me through QQ.

As time goes on, there will be more foreign financial project released in this website, thank you for your continued attention Hyiper, concerned HYIP investment managing finances projects abroad.
















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