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HYIP Incoption investment introduction


Good HYIP player, today this article, I'll introduce a project called Incoption, the site added to the Hyiper "primary HYIP project", the current online 12 days, mainly provide short and medium term investment plan, let's take a look at it.

Incoption offered 15 kinds of investment plan, I here to introduce the five kinds of plans, investment amount in us $5 - $100: the first kind of plan, 1 days later return 103% of the total it with interest; The second kind of plan, 3 days later return 10% of the total it with interest; The third plan, after 7 days return 22% of the total it with interest; The fourth kind of plan, 10 days after return 35% of the total it with interest; 5 kinds of plan, after 30 days return 160% of the total it with interest.

In addition to the above five kinds of investment plan, there are 10 species, the requirements of the investment amount, though, are generally higher, I will not introduced, because I have always advocated in hyip investment projects to try to control the amount as small as possible, because we'll be the first to ensure is to make money, not how much money to earn.

Support the net silver PerfectMoney Payeer and bitcoins.

As for withdrawal, the regulation of Incoption withdrawal is 24 hours processing all users, yesterday I withdrawal is within five hours to the account. Provides temporary HYIP investment plan for this project, regardless of site regulation withdrawal time is long, generally not more than 12 hours, so if your withdrawal after 12 hours haven't to account, please contact me on the site to make announcement, warning other Internet users not to invest.

Recommended commission is 3%, the player with recommended links on this website registration and investment, contact me for the commission, I will return in a timely manner to you after withdrawal to the account.

For the final check on Incoption site, page style is relatively crude, but profits are not low, I think there are some on the high side. So interested in the player, I suggest that the minimum investment amount.




















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