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The United Trader投资简介

大家好,今天这篇文章中,我们来看一个叫做The United Trader的HYIP项目,该站提供周期为30-365天中长期的投资计划,目前在线10天,下面我们来看看它的基本情况。

根据投资金额以及分红周期的不同,The United Trader目前一共提供22种投资计划,我只挑选其中几种做一下介绍,其余要求投资金额偏高的的计划我就不做介绍了:第一种计划,投资金额35-1000美金,每天分红1.2%,30天后返还本金;第二种计划,投资金额1001-3000美金,每天分红1.5%,30天后返还本金;第三种计划,投资金额35-500美金,每天分红1%,连续分红365天,不返还本金;第四种计划,投资金额501-5000美金,每天分红1.5%,连续分红180天,不返还本金;第五种计划,最低投资金额500美金,100天后连本带利返还500%,需要注意的是,这种计划中途是不允许取走分红的,只能100天后连本带利一起提现,所以是一定不能选择这种投资方案的,我在这里说一下它,是怕有些新手不了解;第六种计划,投资50-499美金,一周后连本带利共返还120%;第七种计划,投资500-4999美金,一周后连本带利共返还155%。

以上这些投资计划取自于The United Trader的部分计划,其余十几种投资方案要求的投资金额更高,几乎不会有人玩,我就不做介绍了,有兴趣的玩家可以进入它的网站去看一下。



进入The United Trader的网站后,可以很容易看出,页面内容缺失,FAQ和News页面几乎没有内容,并且模板也比较杂乱。这个HYIP站点是3天前添加到Hyiper上面的,当时站长邮件中说他现在正在筹备更新网站,下个月,也就是4月份的,网站会上线新模板、添加在线聊天以及其它一些重要的功能。具体是真是假,让我们到时候一起见证吧。


The United Trader investment introduction

HYIPer released in the 2016-03-11 classification: project introduction to reading comments (133) (0)

Everybody is good, this article today, let's look at a called The United Trader HYIP programs, The site to provide long-term cycle is 30-365 days of investment plan, The current online 10 days, let's look at it.

Depending on The amount of investment and share out bonus cycle, The United Trader at present a total of 22 kinds of investment plan, I can only choose some do The introduction, The rest of The required investment amount on The high side of The plan are introduced: I won't do The first plan, investment amount is us $35 - $1000, 1.2% of share out bonus every day, 30 days after The return of The principal; The second kind of plan, the investment amount is $1001 to $3000, 1.5% of share out bonus every day, 30 days after the return of the principal; The third plan, the investment amount is us $35 - $500, 1% of share out bonus every day, share out bonus of 365 consecutive days, do not return the principal; The fourth kind of plan, investment amount, us $501 - $5000 a day 1.5% of share out bonus, share out bonus of 180 consecutive days, do not return the principal; 5 kinds of plan, the minimum investment amount of $500, 100 days later with the return of 500%, it is important to note that the plan the way it is not allowed to take the share out bonus, only 100 days after the withdrawal, together with interest so it must not choose this investment plan, I say it here, is afraid of some beginners do not understand; 6 kinds of planning, investment of us $50 - $499, a week after the return 120% of the total it with interest; The 7th kind of planning, investment of $500 to $4999, a week after the return 155% of the total it with interest.

These investment plans derived from The United Trader part of The plan, The rest of The investment plan calls for more than a dozen investment amount higher, almost no one to play, I can't do is introduced, interested players can access its web site to see.

There is support of net silver PerfectMoney Payeer, bitcoins and Bankwire. Processing time of withdrawal, website also did not say, but must be manually, because my first two withdrawal is always the same, to the account within 12 hours.

Recommended commission system has a total of three generations, is 3%, 1% and 3% respectively. Have recommended links to register on this website and investment, welcome to contact me through QQ for commission within 24 hours, a full return.

After entering The United Trader website, can easily see that The page content is missing, The FAQ and News page almost no content, and The template is more clutter. This HYIP site is added to the Hyiper above 3 days ago, when the station master said in an E-mail he prepares for the update site now, next month, in April, web conference line new template, add online chat and some other important functions. The concrete is true or not, let us together witness you then.

On its current situation and the news, I write so many first, helping to confirm the April will modify your site more professional and beautiful, if the master of it is in the mail, I'll repeat it investment introduction.

Welcome to continue to focus on HYIP Chinese list: HYIP investment blog » The United Trader investment introduction


















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