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Fxbpay investment introduction


Good HYIP player, this article, let's look at a called Fxbpay HYIP programs, mainly provide 7 to 30 day cycle investment plan, is now online for 30 days.

Fxbpay offered three investment plan: the first kind of plan, 10 - $50 investment and dividend 2.2% a day, 7 days return the principal; The second kind of plan, investment $51-200, 2.3% of share out bonus every day, 15 days after the return of the principal; The third plan, investment of $201 to $500, 2.5% of share out bonus every day, 30 days, returned to the principal.

The three investment plans on Monday to Sunday have share out bonus, can clearly see that the requirements of the low investment funds, the highest investment amount is only $500. Is likely to be in order to prevent the large capital investment, and low introductory aftercare standing, but it is only speculation.

Support the net silver only PerfectMoney, compared with the single. According to the website of fixed, most of the withdrawal will be automatically to the account, I withdraw funds from twice yesterday and today also confirms, are automatically into account.

Fxbpay website templates is not modified common template, the style is simple, is not even make their own promotional banner. Can easily see, both investment plan, support online banking, promotion, or website templates, Fxbpay almost are the lowest standard. So basic can come to the conclusion that either webmaster's strength, so on the aspects of cost is low, or the situation I mentioned above, is quietly standing, such as the late increase the cost, and then find a breaking point. But guess always return it, money is the real thing, so don't bet too much, as far as possible to reduce losses or be able to make money is our goal.

Introductions of Fxbpay can write so much, if there are any changes after it, I repeat again, once again remind you that HYIP belongs to high-risk investment game, please combined with their own situation before investment.



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