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Beware of PerfectMoney phishing emails

At the moment all HYIP investment, PerfectMoney undoubtedly became the mainstream of net silver, not a HYIP site is not accepting PerfectMoney. This allows the usual mail fraud means people look on a business - virtual PerfectMoney official email address, and lied to the user.

Two days before, received a pretend PerfectMoney email, said in an E-mail PerfectMoney official has offered an investment plan, "investment of $100, 5 days later with the dividend by 130%, after the investment cycle without user manual apply for withdrawal, money automatically into your account". Such is about content, and then will give you a PM account, let you put the money into the account, or give you a link, you click to enter PM payment interface.

Anyway, once appear similar content, don't believe that that is not what the PerfectMoney official send you E-mail, but someone with a virtual server mailbox, and then email to you, to your money.

, of course, there are some other method, such as "your PerfectMoney account is going to be frozen, please how much money to transfer an account", or give you a link to the PerfectMoney, but another when you open the link address, but and PerfectMoney official domain name similar, perhaps only a letter, these ways are by E-mail to defraud the user's dollars.

Hope that we meet such mail don't trust the content of the inside, as long as you remember, PerfectMoney will not charge fees to you, by any means such as SMS, E-mail, etc.
















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