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就我目前的观察和分析,HYIP骗子网站的特征大概有以下几种: (1)下线提成很高,通常为10%-15%或更高。因为骗子网站通常就是为了短期骗取投资者的钱,所以这样做既省去了大量的广告费,又可以使 会员数量猛增,从而短期捞到较多财富。一般正常的下线提成为3%-7%。 (2)日纯利润非常高,为3%-5%或者更高。这招充分利用了人性的贪婪,总是想少出多拿,所以HYIP的投资者万万不可太贪心。正常的日纯收 益为每日0.5%-1.5%,我说的这个数字是你每日的纯利润而不是返还率。 (3)投资周期短,可快速收回成本和可观的利润。因为绝大多数人投资HYIP的原则是用最快的速度收回本金,因为他们觉得最起码这样不会 赔本,所以可见骗子的想法也会与时俱进的,因为骗子站长本身之前肯定也参加过HYIP投资,他了解投资者的心理,所以这就要求我们投资者 必须有反侦察的能力,在分析一个站点时,既要站在投资者的立场,也要站在站长的立场。 (4)Alexa排名很靠后,这说明参加的人比较少,因为大部分老外都有装Alexa工具条的习惯。 (5)域名年龄很短,基本就是只注册一年,因为省一毛算一毛呗。 (6)空间质量很差,尤其是要提防免费空间和域名的HYIP网站,这么抠的站长你还指望他能给你返多少利? (7)站长使用免费邮箱。大多数的网站,在你注册成功后,站长都会给你发一封邮件,看看邮箱是不是专用邮箱,比如,要是免费能够申请 到的邮箱,要提防一点,不过这也不绝对,只是一个参考信息,总比没有的强。通常买服务器都可以自己设置一个域名邮箱。 (8)网站没有证书。比如SSL证书,如果证书都没有,我建议不要投资。 (9)付款途径单一。比如PM,Ego等等,方式越多越好,最好是支持Bankwire。 (10)只能存钱,不能取钱,或者取款时间达不到承诺,都要提防,如果出现这样的症状,离倒闭也不远了。 (11)同一IP地址有多个网站,这是HYIP骗子网站的特征中最明显的,要知道这样的空间成本很低的,骗子可以省很多钱。具体如何查看,在 投资前考察步骤这篇文章中有介绍。 以上的说法也不是非常绝对,只是根据以往发现的骗子进行了一个大概的总结,但是对于HYIP这种变数很大的东西,风险总是无法百分之百预 测准确的,否则你就赚多了。所以需要每一个投资者善于积累,这样才能不断增长自己的经验和财富,被骗并不可怕,可怕的是被骗一次,就 永远都保持一种怀疑和低迷的人生态度,希望每个有心的人能够在网络中开发出自己的宝地。

If you play for HYIP?

HYIP network belongs to the high risk high return of investment projects, but not everyone is suitable for through HYIP investment profit, if you have the following ideas, have HYIP investment projects is not suitable for you:

(1) the value of your money, you fear losing them, even if lose a dollar will be crazy. If you are in this way, you don't go in the HYIP industry, it is better to put your money in the bank, so that you can get the interest of long-term, stable, because any a HYIP program is a risk, whether it is a short stop or long standing. Otherwise you will always worry about their hard earned money will not drop, remember: there is no stable high risk investment return project, there are only some of the open longer, some of it earlier.

(2) you don't have a minimum amount of investment. Any HYIP investment projects are the most small, and usually the lowest is $10, as you know, money, if you don't have the money, then you get nothing, if you don't have money, leave here to go to work. HYIP is not magic can make you money.

(3) your nerve is very fragile. If this is the case, not only the HYIP, other risky projects should not be touched you, otherwise, the endless insomnia will always bothering you, just as what is said above, HYIP project risks exist at any time, if you are a natural mood swings is very big, consider things not through the brain, it doesn't suit you. Because it is possible in the first month, because of your wrong decision and make you lose everything.

(4) do you like to put your blame on others. If you made a wrong decision, in addition to yourself, you complain about anyone and anything around you. So you should not touch the HYIP, remember: you are the only one responsible for their mistakes. All the faults are caused by you. If you have lost in the HYIP, you are the only person who is wrong. Unpredictability, your greed, thought is different from what others think you made a mistake. Remember, no one put you into the arms of a liar, you are willing to send money to cheat.

If you have the idea, for you:

(1) you are a man of great confidence, are willing to take risks. If your life belief is "only through wind and waves can success", and you are ready to take on an acceptable risk. Then HYIP is good place for you to make money. HYIP is like a group of participants are willing to take their last dollar holdings, or to become a millionaire, or not at all.

(2) you have good intuition and common sense. On many BBS, you will see a lot of the project proposal and discussed. But at the end of the day or on your own analysis, you should be on your own experience on the basis of analysis of the project, not too much depends on the advice of others. If someone has told you, this how how good. You must stay awake, only you can make a decision.

(3) are you ready to pay for their mistakes and to learn your lesson. HYIP is not as a missing person, for the first time after losing things is hard to make a mistake, HYIP is suitable for those who brave and continue to adhere to, after a series of losses to admit their losses and summarized. And then prepare a success, for the next with a brave mind repair back, the loss to double your money.









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