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你也许会问我,为什么每天10%回报的项目不能做,并且为什么我把这些项目定义为骗子站。在我认识的HYIP站长里面,真正的投资交易专家也不可能每天赚取那么高的利润。 你曾经听过这句话吗?”不要把所有的鸡蛋放在一个篮子里”。这句话说的很对,对于任何网络投资,这句话都是一个不错的指导,尤其是运用在HYIP的新站上面。你把50美金全部投到一个站和分别投到5个站,风险绝对是不一样的。

HYIP xinzhan many cheats

Every day there are a lot of new HYIP investment standing there, and the webmaster took pains to HYIP investors stressed that you can realize your financial freedom now, can get profit from our project. But, unfortunately, a lot of new sites are liar. Statistics show that 90% of all HYIP new stations is a liar, and in less than a month will be closed.

My words seemed very pessimistic, but it's the truth. We often hear that investment in real life have Wall Street, stock, foreign exchange, futures, etc., but HYIP investment is a new industry, and is full of temptation and risk. Most HYIP new stations is PangQi plan, PangQi is the name of a person, this person from his friends and relatives there lied to hundreds of millions of dollars. PangQi later investors' money to pay for the initial investors, golden plan this kind of kite appeared on the Internet.

Now, many HYIP programs have claims in the foreign exchange industry, open a website's purpose is to raise money and part of the profits to investors. In other words, they said these are to lure you invest, and then only pay a few days or more than ten days away.

I said at the beginning of the article, every week there are a lot of HYIP new stations, and a lot of people will be cheated. I want to pass in front of the text, the majority of investors are already can't invest in the network, I think it is unnecessary to worry about. But you need to remember that all HYIP is just a game, when they spending to a certain number of will fail, and then open a new web site.

For investors, one of the most serious problem is that when they come to hand it with interest, many people will put more money again, because they want more. But please pay attention to the investors, don't again with his principal investment, you can put your own profit to reinvest all, use the profits to make money, even if the project failed, you will not lose money, if you don't fail, will you still money with money.

For investors, it is important to take the time to observe HYIP new stations. This time spend you some time, but in the long run, will help you a lot.

HYIP liar sites are always in a hurry, go in a hurry, because they want to use the shortest possible time to make them more money, but the real HYIP adsense back to answer questions on investors seriously, and will give the investor dividends for a long time.

At the same time, a HYIP project profit size also is very important, if they promise to give you 10% of the profits every day, there is no doubt that this is a PangQi plan. This does not mean that people can't investment in these projects, if you are selected, and too close, also can have a good profit.

You may ask me, why can't a 10% return project every day to do, and why I put these projects station is defined as a liar. In HYIP webmaster, and I know the real investment trading experts could not every day to earn high profits. Have you ever heard of this sentence? "Don't put all your eggs in one basket". What the other words, for any network investment, this sentence is a good guide, especially applied in HYIP new stations. You all the $50 in a station and 5 respectively in a station, the risk is definitely not the same.









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