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凡是做投资的人,都知道“不要把所有的鸡蛋放在一个篮子里”这个道理,当然这句话也适用于做HYIP投资的人,它告诉人们投资HYIP项目时要学会分散投资,这样可以有效降低风险。 道理谁都懂,但是目的是为了运用它,很多人在运用的时候就出现了问题。分散投资说的也许不是很准确,要说成”合理分散投资”也许才好些。 因为很多投资者对分散投资的理解就是把自己的资金多投几个项目,以为即使倒闭了几个,那剩下的也能弥补些损失,不至于全部投资到一个项目后全部赔掉。但是却忽略了应该进行合理的分散投资才行,而不是随便找几个项目就进行投资。我见过的HYIP投资者中,有很多人就是随便多投几个项目,感觉自己已经做到了分散投资,会好点,但最终却血本无归。 分散投资最重要的前提就是你打算分散的那几个项目必须有足够的信心能够回本,赚钱不赚钱放在其次。如果你回本都没把握,那不叫分散投资,而应该叫分散捐款。 在进行HYIP投资时,我相对来说要比绝大多数的投资者更加谨慎,也许正是这个原因,我几乎很少赔本,所以我也建议新手投资者,没有较大的把握,就不要进行分散投资,而应该选择你最有把握的少数几个站进行反复复投,我就是属于这种类型的。 我做HYIP的基本原则就是”分散试投,集中复投”,这句话即使我不解释,相信投资者也能理解。所以做HYIP最关键的就是学会选站,选好站,而不是一味进行盲目分散投资。

Really understand the diversification

Anyone who make investment, all know \"don't put all your eggs in one basket\" the truth, of course this also applies to do HYIP investment, it tells people HYIP investment project to learn to diversify, this can effectively reduce the risk.

Truth who all understand, but the purpose is to use it, there is a problem when I was a lot of people in the use of. Diversification may not be very accurate, and said that a \"reasonable diversification\" would be better.

Because many investors' understanding of diversification is to put their own money for a few more items, the thought that even if the collapse of a few, that the rest also can make up some losses, not all investment to a project after all lost. But overlooking the diversification should be reasonable, not grab several projects to invest. HYIP investors I have ever seen, there are a lot of people just throw a few more items, feel diversification has been done, will be better, but ultimately lose everything.

Diversification is the most important premise is what are you going to decentralized that several projects must have enough confidence to the back, making money is not making money on the second. Not sure if this is you back, that's not called diversification, and should be called dispersion contributions.

When making HYIP investment, I relatively more cautious than the vast majority of investors, perhaps it is for this reason, I rarely at a loss, so I also suggest that novice investors, have no certainty of larger, don't make diversification, and should choose you are one of the few most stand after repeated, I am belong to this type.

I do is \"the basic principles of HYIP disperse Fielding drills, concentrated complex\", these words, even if I don't explain believe investors can understand. So the key to do HYIP is learn to choose, choose good standing, rather than blind diversification.






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