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HYIP project failure precursors

This HYIP investment projects, of course, not including HYIP day standing, most refers to people who interest are relatively low HYIP project for a long time, and live for a long time. According to the observation of the multiple projects and tracking, summarizes the following characteristics, is more occur before the project fail, write not accurate, the purpose is to give beginners learn about this industry.

First: to change or increase the project investment plan, and a new scheme of profit is higher than that of the original old plan. Real live cattle stations for a longer time, profit is relatively low, net profit control every day at about 0.5 to 2%.

Second: webmaster email from frequent received from the project, email content may be introduced the new scheme, it is possible that introduced the new functions of the website, such as adding the other electronic payment or some other functions. Time will never NiuTaiChang not silence stand, that's for sure. Remember, it is frequent. Because some project start soon, it will be slowly adding new features, this is normal.

Third: website open speed than ever before, slow many, many, and the way of abnormal, and even the occasional wouldn't open. Either the website by the hacker attacks, the poor quality or server.

Fourth: withdrawal arrive time obviously a much slower than the original, half a day or a day before order, may now have to wait more than two days, in short, slow withdrawal is not normal, not just a little more slowly. This phenomenon is probably adsense in delay time, include the lam.

Need to reiterate is, of course, the above characteristics is not necessarily accurate, but from each failure cattle stations is covered in the summary, hope to be able to help some novice.




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