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方案的寿命期限= = (SD + SH + KR) * (NO + NF + WD + GAR) * (NKI + SKW + SKR) *365 / ((KI / SV) * (KO + RT + 1) * (KS + STR)*100000)


SD: 大概的计划成本

SH: 网页注册地址成本

KR: 广告制作的支出

NKI: 现有的联系信息

SKW: 指明的联系信息因符合 whoisЁ 服务

SKR: 指明的联系信息因符合显示地址和电话号码

NF: 存在论坛,论坛的品质

KO: 在网页上全文错字的数量

RT: 文章里的分歧(如果制作人从其他网上偷来蠢话,那样就和全文不相符合)

KI: 投资者数量的发展进程在方案建立的第一个星期里

SV: 投资金额

WD: 经济活动获得的收入信息,相应地主观评价

GAR: 现有的保障

KS: 代表的数量,办理那些项目服务和保障的人

STR: 项目分布的地点

NO: 办公室的存在


HYIP computing project life cycle

HYIP investment project cycle of survival is to make each HYIP investors the most headaches. After a project investment and high returns, who has a complex investment impulse, but again very afraid after into money will be gone, so cautious investors will decisively give up and choose a new project to invest.

Give up existing project obviously will face two problems, if the project can survive several cycles, then you definitely won't get the profits, because you have will be passed on to new projects. And whats more, if you choose the new project cost collapsed haven't come back, it is not worth it.

Although for HYIP project life cycle can't accurate judgment, but about the determination of the project life cycle is also crucial. Below is a formula of the Internet, copied in for your reference, hope someone can understand why or to improve, in order to get a more accurate formula.

Plan the life span of the = = (SD + SH + KR) * (NO + NF + WD + GAR) * (NKI + + SKR SKW) * 365 / ((KI/SV) * (KO + RT + 1) * (KS + STR) * 100000)

Here the reference:

SD: about the planned cost

SH: page registered address cost

KR: advertising spending

NKI: the current contact information

SKW: indicate the contact information for conform to the whois Ё service

SKR: contact information due to conform to the display specified address and telephone number

NF: BBS, BBS of quality

KO: the number of full text typo on web pages

RT: the differences in the articles (if producer stupid things stolen from the other online, it is not consistent and full-text)

KI: number of investors to the development process of the first week in solution

SV: investment amount

WD: economic activity for income information, subjective evaluation accordingly

GAR: the existing protection

KS: the number of representative, its service and guarantee for the project

STR: the distribution of the project site

NO: the existence of the office

The inventor of the first really very grateful to this formula, and also can upload it to the online to share with you. The original author has said that if the individual variables into the formula of the above, will get a project live cycle is probably the number of days, accuracy as high as 86%. Since the author said, must have his way, and can also know, this formula in calculating the long-term low-interest station may be more can come in handy. I copied down the purpose of this formula, the main is to let everybody know the when choosing a program, usually what are the reference factors, if they are interested in friends, can use several projects of data to do the experiment.


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