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Do HYIP ten rules

In the last article, we wrote about the five before HYIP investment rules, hope to help some HYIP investors, today we went on to continue to write down the contents of yesterday.

(6) to protect your account:

Every day there are a lot of hackers staring at HYIP investor's account, in an attempt to steal, so be sure to give the computer on a regular basis to do a good job of antivirus, best killed once a day. And your account name and password set up complicated as far as possible, don't be cracked easily by hackers, perhaps you feel very far away from you, but once happen to you, it's too late, so be sure to do beforehand prevention work. In order to prevent such a thing happen to me, I have a special USB encryption device, will put all HYIP information stored in the top, so have the effect of the double security.

(7) study, study, and research

Of course, this also depends on the size of the investment amount, you if investment funds is very big, so it is necessary to do some research. I suggest you do a the front of the domain name whois query, and call the project leader, ask them policy information, and so on. To do so, on the one hand, can understand the investment of the project related information faster, on the other hand can also look at whether the HYIP has entity. If you can find the project director, as a way to find his home address or the address of the friend and so on personal information. Record and take pictures, once found his fraud you, then use these means are likely will recover your investment. Of course, if the amount of your investment is not too big, don't do this.

(8) learn to doubt

If a project sounds very tempting, so you should be careful. A project, for example, if the monthly profit more than 15%, so you must weigh before investment. Always remember, cheats site too much. So for the station number is less than half a year's project, you have to be careful. A real HYIP advertising projects rarely give yourself, otherwise how to call private?

(9) don't be greedy

In order to avoid fraud, we must improve the ability of yourself or team. The most important, the ability is to control our emotions, like fear, greed, and values. I've seen too many investors self-deception, because they can not control their emotions. Of course, I also can't tell you how to control their own these shortcomings, the only thing I can tell you is going to control. Enemy and know yourself, to fight, if only friends who don't know, so you can only suffered perilous. You may know this project, but you know yourself? Many investors see an attractive bonus plan of the project, began to lie to yourself.

Learn to strong in failure (10)

Investment failure is very normal, this is decided by the nature of the HYIP high-risk high-return. Failed still wrong when blind investment, but constantly in failure again and again to summarize experience and lessons. Always remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch, HYIP profits, too, if you do not have certain judgment ability and learning ability, the end result won't be better.

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