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HYIP profit type

HYIP investment projects, everyone knows that high risk, is still a HYIP investors to join, because of its attractive profits, and certain rules to follow, in this article, I'll come for you to analyse the HYIP investment profits of standing type.

(1) 0% 1% a day (drizzle) :

Small profit margins, the reliability of 99%. The most is not worth a project suspect profits, most projects can do credit to pay. But the majority of investors look not on this class all stand. I also feel less than 1% of the project is unnecessary.

(2) 1.1% 2% a day (rain) :

Common profit, the credibility of 95%, the profit in this HYIP within the scope of project are the backbone of the venture capitalists, participate in the largest, highest concentration of funds, most projects can be the good faith to pay, on average, project life can reach more than 3 years.

(3) 2.1% 3% a day (rain) :

Rare profits, the credibility of 80%, the profit in this HYIP within the scope of project is an exotic flower of venture capitalists, if you are lucky enough to find the stable profit within the scope of the station, so you can easily made, at the same time can despise people fry, project life cycle is usually 1 to 2 years.

(4) 3.1% 9% a day (rain) :

Scarce profit, the credibility of 50%, the profit in this HYIP project is within the scope of venture capitalists poppy, if you can get him to spirits is the best, but can't indulge, forgot to escape the timing of the project life cycle is usually for one year. (say gossip, I found a profit of 7% - 7% of the direct investment, what is the direct investment station? Is even no HYIP site membership function, direct investment is that you will become, usually such stand 99% is a liar. But I found it, it lasted two years of good faith to pay, is still in payment, but now it is only 3 months to live, so I would not recommend. 7% - 8 & daily profit, blame only themselves to blame information occlusion, rich people prefer to play trick, heaven on earth.)

(5) 9.1% 100% a day (rain) :

Challenge profits, also called float profit, credibility was 10%, and the profit in this HYIP project is within the scope of venture capitalists ticking time bomb. If you have capital and experience, may wish to try to novice is not recommended to try. Insight division in the number of days with the safety of the project, is open before 45 days to 45 days after the absolute is a crisis, 45 days is also the life cycle of the project.

Heavy rain clamp (6) more than 101% a day (hail) :

Devil's profit, the profit is also called fantasy, credibility reaches 1%, it is curious in many profits within the scope of this project. Ha ha, we all guessed, most of them are liars, few pay station. Do this kind of stand is the secret: win a run, the sooner the better; Lost beat yourself, don't blame ads. (note: assume that profits of 101% each day there are two explanations: one is the daily profit is 101% of the principal, the second is 1% daily profit is the principal)





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