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The donkey self-help "enlightenment to HYIP investors

A few days ago, a well-known HYIP cattle station permanent fund permanentfund had an accident, this life as long as 800 days to stand out of the HYIP investment community, investment and old members of this site before money, newcomer lost, natural. Here to share a story.

One day, a farmer's donkey fell into a pit. The poor donkey in the well is called piteously for several hours, farmers in the well head out in a rash, is no way to save it up. Finally, he flatly decided: the donkey is old, it should also be filled in a dry well, it's not worth to spend so much effort to rescue the donkey. Farmers fill well all the neighbors are invited to help him. All grabbed a shovel and began to fill into the well.

Soon the donkey realized what had happened, at first, it is only in a well panic crying loudly. After a while, to everyone was puzzled, it was quiet. After several spade soil, the farmer finally looked down hole and the immediate scene he was shocked.

Each shovel and hit the donkey's back soil, it has made a surprising treatment: shake down quickly, and then the malicious by foot is very tight. Just like that, before long, the donkey gave himself up to the mouth of the well. It jumps out, quickly ran away. Amazed everyone present.

The donkey was saved, but the real person is not others but yourself and save it. Like we meet this HYIP investors, investment failed, it is no use your complaining; don't you had decided to enter the HYIP world know HYIP itself is a liar? We are just in play and cheat to earn some money, so after a failed investment, instead of complaining about spending time and energy to summarize the lesson. The difference between novice and experienced not only the experience, but also bear in my mind, after but a failure to complain constantly all day, even if you are engaged in the HYIP for many years, in fact you is still a green hand, like a battlefield warriors, was shot after crying, yelling even if you take part in the battle of countless, you are still a rookie.

Since the master yu it is necessary to repeat the following HYIP investment criteria:

1, the investment risk

2, all HYIP standing as a liar, you are always in the game and cheats.

More than 3, refer to the opinions of others, but never to trust only themselves.

4, abstain from greed.

Especially the last one, simple sense, profound.





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