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HYIP shark's web site features

This article is mainly aimed at some short-term collapse HYIP program, some basic features about HYIP investment fraud web made some summary, hard to avoid omissions and forgotten, so do not represent all, do remember later, will also supplement for you:

(1) the web more spelling mistakes: although this spelling mistake porous stand not many, but does not mean no, as long as a little observation can, is not the main factor, and now most of the sites are using copy and paste the rest of the web content for the page content of writing, if it is a good station, station will make their own handwriting, so if a stand spelling error-free or very few, and the page content is not repeat with the other site, can be said to be qualified.

(2) page session has a problem: mainly aimed at providing deposit HYIP program recently, reflected in the sum of the user name, this can be continuous observation ability of investors to a rough statistics, if, after a large number of statistics does not appear and the nuptial site before investors, or very few, so that investors are false, only master in the background of the thought to add, not really exist for these investors. But except for a few days, and long standing are rarely provide these data.

(3) there is something wrong with the page to enter an item of expenditure in the accounts: the same is to provide the data for HYIP investment sites, if most of the investment amount is a lot of data, such as a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars, that is false, because most of the investment day stand is small, then ShuaQian, so in addition to the list of advertising, most of the investment amount is $50, except individual good standing.

(4) page design rough or more to copy the template: HYIP investment stand page design is every investor value, if the design is very rough, show master is a novice, don't understand web design and if change the template, and not willing to spend money to buy a template but to take advantage of when buying a script with free template, that there was danger for investors; If the page has serious copy, there is no doubt that most of these stations can not live long, webmaster just to save trouble, but this is not the fool some HYIP veteran.

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