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由于HYIP投资站点全是英文的,并且大部分不支持中文翻译,即使支持翻译,很多也是谷歌低质量的翻译,所以有些不懂英文的HYIP新手在使用起来难免会存在点困难。 网站的内容很多,但有些内容看不看或者是即使看错了,也不会有太大的影响,最关键的是我们要看准确投资周期和提现时间的相关信息,如果这方面的信息看错,就可能会影响你预计的收回本金或者提现时间,导致资金周转不方便,下面我大概来解释一下这些信息: (1)关于for和after 比如”12% daily for 12 days”和”160% after 12 days”,第一个”for”的意思是,每天都会往你的账户返回投资额的12%,所以,如果够提现最低要求,那么你就可以提现;第二个”after”的意思是,在12中不会每天都往你的账户返款,而是等到第12天,连本带利一共返给你160%。所以急于提现的朋友一定不要错选成”after”。 (2)关于”business days””trading days””working days”和”calendar days””days” 前三个都是指工作日,即周一到周五,周六日和国外法定假日不包括在内;而最后两个是周一到周日7天,即使是到了国外的法定假日,分红也会照常进行。 (3)关于”24 hours”和”24 businesshours” 根据前面提到的,我们可以推断出”24 hours”就是指一天的时间,而”24 businesshours”是指3天,因为一天是8个工作日。

HYIP investment unit of time

As HYIP investment sites are all in English, and most do not support the Chinese translation, and even support for translation, a lot of things is Google low quality translation, so some don't understand English HYIP beginners in the use of inevitably exists some difficult. Website content are many, but some content watching or even wrong, also won't have much of an impact, the key is we want to see the accurate information about investment cycle and withdrawal time, if the information is wrong, it may affect you is expected to recover the principal or withdrawal time, lead to cash flow is not convenient, I probably to explain the information below: (1) about the for and after such as "12% daily for 12 days" and "160% after 12 days," first "for" mean, every day to return your account 12% of the amount of investment, so, if enough withdrawal minimum requirements, so you can carry; The second "after" means, in the 12 won't refund to your account every day, but wait for 12 days, with the total return to give you 160%. So eager to show must not choose wrong friends into "after". (2) about the "business days" "trading days" "working days" and "calendar days" "days" to the first three refers to working days, namely from Monday to Friday, Saturday, and legal holidays are not included in the abroad; And the last two is Monday to Sunday, 7 days even in the foreign legal holidays, bonus will be as usual. (3) about "24 hours" and "24 businesshours" according to the previously mentioned, we can infer that "24 hours" is refers to the time of day, 24 businesshours "and" refers to the three days, because the day is eight working days.

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